Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

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Girls Night Out

girls nightI’m super excited because on Sunday I’m going out to dinner with four of my really good friends whom I have not seen in a while! When life happens and we get older you sometimes tend to become busy with your family or career and don’t get the chance to connect with your girl friends that often.  I love the fact that we can all come together and pick up right where we left off.

girls friends

I believe having a circle of friends is very important. Being able to talk to and relate to other woman is very therapeutic. On Sunday I’m going to suggest that we turn this girls night out into  a monthly ritual! It will give me an excuse to get CUTE, FLY, and FABULOUS and enjoy the company of my girlfriends. And I can’t forget to post some photos of my out fit of the night! But you must stay tuned for that.



G-Star Raw cargo shorts
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Forever Always

Forever Always

Red hearts, Blue bows, Black stripes

Red hearts, Blue bows, Black stripes

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