Frugal Shopping: Accessories

I have a confession! I love love love inexpensive accessories! You can get some really cute pieces for under $5 if you shop right!  So recently came across a You Tube haul video featuring $1 accessories from shop miss a and you know I was all over it! I was in online accessory heaven! I always go to this local $.99 store and get most of my $1 accessories so this was my first time ordering some online. Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING on the site is $1 and they have a flat shipping rate of $3.95. You will find everything from hair goodies to nail art, to cute little cell phone accessories! My package came within a week so the shipping is pretty quick!

Ok enough with the chit chat on to the good stuff!

sma6 SMA1 sma2 sma3 sma4 sma5Cute Right! I am so in love with the midi rings and the big stud earrings! I can’t wait to rock these pieces out honey I’m going to be Fab


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