CoCo Curvy to Haute CoCo

Remember when I posted about me switching some things up on here! Well with the new year vastly approaching I decided to take the first step and that is changing the my blog name!! Yay me!! I have been going back and forth trying to come up with something cleaver yet me! Without further a due welcome to Haute CoCo!

Here’s why I choose the name. I consider myself to be a very fashionable person (well at least in my opinion). I mean I live fashion, beauty, home decor! It puts me in a happy place. CoCo is a little nick name I gave myself. My first name is Ashley but Haute LeLe didn’t fit me so I went with my middle name Nicole (hints the CoCo)! Plus if you haven’t noticed I’m a chocolate girl! The color of CoCo get it lol!

Haute CoCo

adjective: haute
  1. fashionably elegant or high-class.

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