The power in our words

I’m feeling some type of way today guy’s… Sorry to get all personal on you but this is my blog and I consider my readers like family. How can I share my joys and loves without sharing my sorrows. I’m a pretty sensitive person I must admit but I’m sensitive when it comes to those whom I love. When it comes to my job or people who I don’t know I’m pretty tough. Even if something bothers me on the inside I can handle it. But when it comes to the people I love…. That’s a whole other story.


 When things are said by someone that you love dearly those things tend to cut deep. Yesterday I was on a super high, happy as the day is long. I even woke up feeling good but that did not last long. I sometimes wonder how things could go from great to horrible in a matter of minutes? One wrong word or if something is taken the wrong way and its a down hill spiral from there. Sometimes I wish the words of people did not matter to me. I wish I could let them roll off my back without penetrating me. But I’m not set up like that unfortunately. I remember those words and internalize them and they seem to replay over and over in my head.


I know every day wont be sunshine and butterflies but my hope is that we all learn how to speak and treat people with love and kindness!





3 thoughts on “The power in our words

  1. I totally agree with this. I’m the same way. I’m learning to deal with not internalizing as much. I’ve learned that everything doesn’t deserve or require all my emotional energy, especially any negative energy that might keep me stuck. Thanks for sharing!

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