Home Decor Haul


We finally moved into our new apartment and it is safe to say that I am in full home decorating mode! I mean the people at HomeGoods should know me by first name I’m there so much. Right now we have been focusing on getting the essentials for the apartment like dishes, towels, utensils things of that nature. However, I have been able to sneak in few home decor items here and there which makes me a happy woman. I’ve been trying to keep things fairly gender neutral since my hubby thinks I could go overboard making our place too girly. We have agreed to a black, white, and silver color palette and I’ve been thinking of adding a teal blue color just for a little extra something. Here are a few decor items I recently purchase. Once I have everything decorated I may post photos!


I am super in love with my apothecary jars I got from HomeGoods the one on the left was $14.99 and the other was $12.99 I plan to purchase one more for my kitchen and fill them with either pasta or artificial fruit

home2home3 home4

I got the tea light candle holders and mug from Target on clearance the mug was $3 and some change for my hubby his first name starts with an R and the Tea light candle holders were only $.75 each!

The jar above was purchase from Ross and it was also on clearance

home5 home6 home7

I purchase the vase, flowers, and bath salts from the Dollar Tree I’m not a big plant person and I definitely can’t take care of real plant so i went the easy route and purchase fake flowers!


I have this arrangement in my bathroom and the bath salts are a Jasmine cent and smell wonderful!


My dishes came from HomeGoods as well we paid $19.99 for the set and my glassware is from

K Mart for $24.99

I am really enjoying the process of purchasing things for our new apartment! There will definitely be more home decor hauls to come!




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