Makeup Organization

Last night I finally decided to break out my acrylic makeup and accessory organizers i purchased over the holidays and fill them up. I purchased them both from Burlington Coat Factory, however, I can’t remember what the price of the tray organizer was ( sorry guys). The lipstick holder was only $7.99 so I know the other wasn’t too far off from that price.


Although I have a lot more products I need organizers for, this is a great start


The lipstick holder can hold 28 lipsticks. The spaces in the back are slightly larger than the ones in the front which I think is great for larger lipstick containers.


Here is a photo of the holder filled. I will be purchasing another holder for the rest of my collection


I wasn’t sure what I was going to fill the tray with


I decided to fill the organizers with my lip glosses, nail polish, some makeup brushes, fragrances, and my favorite stud earrings

I absolutely love these acrylic organizers. They give my dresser a letter extra glam and style!


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