I’m Addicted: Army Wives

Where would I be without Netflix? I have no clue! This past Sunday I was bored and I needed a good chick TV series to watch. I wanted to watch The Good Wife but they didn’t have it available. However, under the suggestions they had Army Wives so I decided to give it shot and I must say it has me hooked!

army wives2

I know the show is fictional but it’s interesting to watch what could possibly go on in the lives of those who protect and serve our country from the view of their spouses. The show follows four army wives and one army husband on their day to day lives. It shows how the deal with being parents, coping with deployment, and their own career goals while being married to the military.

I hate that Lifetime canceled after the 7th season but I guess it had a good run.

Army Wives

I’m currently only in season 2 so I still have 5 whole seasons to go.

Army Wives3

What’s some of your favorite shows?



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