A Jouney to Weight Loss and Happiness


About two years ago I lost 55lbs. I worked out about 5 to 6 times a week and did not eat after 6pm on most days. I was looking good and also feeling good about myself because I never thought in a million years I would be able to lose the weight I did. At that time I hadn’t reached my goal but I was well on my way.

ash1 ash2

As time went along the stresses of life started to take over in my life and totally through me off my focus and I began picking up the weight again. Now here I am almost back where I started and unhappy with myself. I know I should love myself at any size but I have to be honest I’m disappointed for gaining the weight back. I will get back on track with my exercising and healthy eating habits then I fall off. My consistency sucks and I procrastinate why too much.

At this point I’m tried of being unhappy with myself & my weight

I want to look in the mirror and love who is staring back at me!

My husband is totally into fitness and health. He is so dedicated to good health and sometimes I feel bad that I’m not like that. He is always there encouraging me and pushing me to workout but sometimes I feel like his fitness level is way above mine and I get discouraged.

ron2 ron1


I know I have to have a plan of action and I have to do what works for me. When I lost the weight the first time my main workout was 35 minutes of Tae Bo Monday through Friday and on the weekends we would go to a park or one of the local high schools and run at least one to two miles. But the thing was I got TIRED of Tae Bo! So now I have to find a workout that I will enjoy. I recently started practicing yoga. Some believe that you don’t get a good workout from doing yoga but let me tell you that is a myth! I sweat so much and you have to have some major strength to hold those poses! Yoga challenges me but I’m loving it!


I’m also going to start back going to the gym. I like the gym because when I’m there the environment puts my mind set in to workout mode. When I’m at home and I need to workout I sometimes get lazy and lay down and don’t do my workout or I procrastinate and workout super late and don’t give it my all.


I am going to also change what I eat. My hubby can eat anything and not gain a pound. Unfortunately for me if I look at food I gain 10 lol! So knowing this I have to get in my mind that I can’t eat what he eats. Sometimes that’s the hardest thing because when we go out to eat he will get something that looks soooo good and in my mind I’m like “I want that too!” then after I order it and eat it I’m like “I should’ve got a salad lol!” I plan on cooking more and meal prepping for the week. I see so many people who have successfully lost weight just off of better eating habits.


But most importantly I have to change my mind set! I know getting my mind right is the beginning to my success and reaching my weight loss and fitness goals! Once the battle in my mind is won everything else will fall into place.

Is there anyone else on a weight loss and fitness journey that has any pointers and tips they would like to share? I will be keeping you guys updated on my progress and journey.


3 thoughts on “A Jouney to Weight Loss and Happiness

  1. I am weightloss/fitness journey but I don’t have any pointers since I am just starting and struggling with the same dilemmas as you are :-/ but I wanted to wish you good luck. 🙂

    We can do it! 🙂

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