HIIT and Abs Workout

In my journey to build a stronger and healthier boby I have made a playlist of my workout videos on YouTube that I wanted to try. I have a mix of dance, yoga, kick boxing, abs, arms, and new to my playlist is The Body Coach TV beginners HIIT workout! Let me just tell you this 20 minute and 22 second video kicked my butt! Just the warm up alone had me sweating.


How the HIIT workout works is you perform an exercise at a high intensity rate for 30 seconds and then rest of 30 second then move on to your next exercise. In The Body Coach HIIT workout the exercises are high knees, burpees, mountain climbers, and power squats. By the 2nd set I was ready to kill over lol! I can feel it in my shoulders and thighs for sure today.

I also did Buffie the Body Bodynomics Standing Ab Workout 2015. Let me start by saying her body is my dream body so whatever she is doing I need to be on it!


She is the definition of a BRICK HOUSE!

She’s mighty mighty just letting it all hangout!

Although her workout focus was on abs I feel like I worked out my back and legs as well. Buffie incorporates high knees, side bends, leg kicks and so much more into this ab workout. She also uses a dumbbell for some exercises that are perform but honestly I don’t have one right now and I still got a good workout from these exercises.

I plan on sticking with these two workouts at least 3 times a week every other day for the next month. Tonight I plan on doing a fun but intense dance workout so I can let me shoulders recover a bit 🙂

**side not we had to postpone the Santa Barbara trip due to the rain 😦 and they say it never rains in southern California (I beg to differ lol)


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