Lipstick Diaries: Milani Matte Glam Review

Remember that beautiful Milani lipstick I posted last week?

milani Matte glam


Gorgeous right?

Or so I thought…

I love Milani’s packaging. The gold just screams “places me on your vanity so I can make it pretty!” and for just under $7 the price is perfect.

When I swatched this lipstick on my arm I was excited about the pay off

oh but when I put it on my lips….

ash2 ash1

I just was not impressed!

I’m sooo sadddd

With a name like Matte Glam I was expecting a little bit more. I know I’m a chocolate girl but the color just did not pop on my skin tone. Maybe it will look amazing on someone with a lighter skin tone. I’m not giving up hope on Milani’s products at all but this one I’m going to have to pass!


9 thoughts on “Lipstick Diaries: Milani Matte Glam Review

  1. I adore the packaging of these lipsticks too and of course it is on my vanity. You should so try other shades in this line because I love their scent and formula 🙂

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