I’m Addicted: Army Wives

Where would I be without Netflix? I have no clue! This past Sunday I was bored and I needed a good chick TV series to watch. I wanted to watch The Good Wife but they didn’t have it available. However, under the suggestions they had Army Wives so I decided to give it shot and I must say it has me hooked!

army wives2

I know the show is fictional but it’s interesting to watch what could possibly go on in the lives of those who protect and serve our country from the view of their spouses. The show follows four army wives and one army husband on their day to day lives. It shows how the deal with being parents, coping with deployment, and their own career goals while being married to the military.

I hate that Lifetime canceled after the 7th season but I guess it had a good run.

Army Wives

I’m currently only in season 2 so I still have 5 whole seasons to go.

Army Wives3

What’s some of your favorite shows?




The power in our words

I’m feeling some type of way today guy’s… Sorry to get all personal on you but this is my blog and I consider my readers like family. How can I share my joys and loves without sharing my sorrows. I’m a pretty sensitive person I must admit but I’m sensitive when it comes to those whom I love. When it comes to my job or people who I don’t know I’m pretty tough. Even if something bothers me on the inside I can handle it. But when it comes to the people I love…. That’s a whole other story.


 When things are said by someone that you love dearly those things tend to cut deep. Yesterday I was on a super high, happy as the day is long. I even woke up feeling good but that did not last long. I sometimes wonder how things could go from great to horrible in a matter of minutes? One wrong word or if something is taken the wrong way and its a down hill spiral from there. Sometimes I wish the words of people did not matter to me. I wish I could let them roll off my back without penetrating me. But I’m not set up like that unfortunately. I remember those words and internalize them and they seem to replay over and over in my head.


I know every day wont be sunshine and butterflies but my hope is that we all learn how to speak and treat people with love and kindness!





Happy 2015

Its officially 2015 and I have so much on my to do list already. There are so many things that I procrastinated on last year that I just can not allow to go untended to this year. I really don’t do new years resolutions because I generally never keep them but this year I do have a few things that I want to improve on.


For starters I need to make more of an effort to take care of myself first! I always seem to put others needs before my own which in the end ALWAYS leaves me feeling very neglected and unhappy. Secondly I am a huge procrastinator. I take my time doing almost everything which is not a good look. When I see something that needs to get done I need to take a page from Nike and Just do It!

Among other things I really need to work harder on my health and fitness. I do workout but not as consistent as I use to. There was a time when it was an every day thing for me to workout and I was reaping some major benefits from it. I was looking and feeling excellent. I must must must get back to where I was fitness wise this year and keep it going because I have a goal to reach! I will definitely be posting more about my health and fitness routine and sharing that Journey with you guys!


What are some of your goals for the new year?

Until we meet again



CoCo Curvy to Haute CoCo

Remember when I posted about me switching some things up on here! Well with the new year vastly approaching I decided to take the first step and that is changing the my blog name!! Yay me!! I have been going back and forth trying to come up with something cleaver yet me! Without further a due welcome to Haute CoCo!

Here’s why I choose the name. I consider myself to be a very fashionable person (well at least in my opinion). I mean I live fashion, beauty, home decor! It puts me in a happy place. CoCo is a little nick name I gave myself. My first name is Ashley but Haute LeLe didn’t fit me so I went with my middle name Nicole (hints the CoCo)! Plus if you haven’t noticed I’m a chocolate girl! The color of CoCo get it lol!

Haute CoCo

adjective: haute
  1. fashionably elegant or high-class.

My little details

dress details Wedding Makeup

I wanted to keep what I wore that day simple but elegant so I went with the classic peplum dress and pretty champagne glittery heel with black and gold accessories. I wasn’t sure if I was going to wear the unit of that I did because I’m so use to my black hair but this unit worked out perfectly. I have on MAC foundation, primer, and red lipstick (my classic favorite Ruby Woo)  My husband said he had one request and that was for me to marry him with red lipstick on! Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette and an ELF cosmetics palette on the eyes.

Wedding Makeup w

Getting Ready in the guest bathroom (excuse the mess) lol

Getting Ready in the guest bathroom (excuse the mess) lol


I have neglected this blog to the fullest! During the Summer months at work we are so swamped that I don’t even have time to think. Once I get home I’m so burned out all I want to do is relax my mind and hang out with my love. Now that we are in our slow season its time for me to get back on it and keep my momentum up. I have some great ideas for this little weblog space of mine and I can wait to share it with you! So please stay tuned!