Vanity Girl

Here lately I have been obsessing over makeup vanities! I’m constantly watching makeup collection and storage videos on Youtube and pinning pictures of vanities on Pinterest waiting on the day I get the chance to get a vanity myself! I currently have my makeup on my dresser, in makeup cases, and in one of those plastic 3 drawer bins on wheels. I know right so lame!

I have a dream of a white parsons desk with clear acrylic makeup drawers and holders with pretty girly trinkets all over

something like these I found on Pinterest




I have my sight set on this parsons desk from walmart for $53.53


I know everyone goes to Ikea for things like this but I like to keep it frugal where I can!

Now what is a vanity without a beautiful mirror here are a few of may Pinterest faves

mirror4 mirror1 mirror2 mirror3

It’s all about the glam when it comes to the mirror!

Now last but not least is the seat I will be in for hours playing in my makeup! Now the seat has to be fitting for a QUEEN darling!

chair4 chair1 chair2 chair3


I can see it now! My hubby would have to pull me away from my space because I wont leave willingly lol! Add a small chandelier for some extra sparkle and some pretty framed quotes and I will be set!

chan2 chan1

quote3 quote1 quote2

What are some of your vanity dreams?

vanity girl

*Photos via pinterest

Lipstick Diaries: Milani Matte Glam Review

Remember that beautiful Milani lipstick I posted last week?

milani Matte glam


Gorgeous right?

Or so I thought…

I love Milani’s packaging. The gold just screams “places me on your vanity so I can make it pretty!” and for just under $7 the price is perfect.

When I swatched this lipstick on my arm I was excited about the pay off

oh but when I put it on my lips….

ash2 ash1

I just was not impressed!

I’m sooo sadddd

With a name like Matte Glam I was expecting a little bit more. I know I’m a chocolate girl but the color just did not pop on my skin tone. Maybe it will look amazing on someone with a lighter skin tone. I’m not giving up hope on Milani’s products at all but this one I’m going to have to pass!

Beautiful Fridays

Sorry guys its been a while since my last post. I’ve been in a personal fog to tell  you the truth. But I’m hopeful that it wont last too long especially since the Spring season is approaching. I wanted to share with you a few spring beauty items I recently purchased and somethings were gifts to me as well. I look forward to adding some color into my life (in more ways than one!)





I’m a total lippie girl! I love anything that will make my lips pop!

Lipstick Lover: MAC Candy Yum Yum

I love a bold pink lipstick but I was on the late side when it came to purchasing MAC Cosmetics Candy Yum Yum. I heard so much about it on YouTube so I finally broke down and purchased it!

MAC candy yum yum

The $16 was so worth it. The color is so bold and vibrant you could see me wearing it coming from a mile away. It is a great color for the spring and summer months for sure.



Even in the dark my lips were POPPIN


What’s your favorite MAC lippie?

Black Radiance BB Cream Review

Today I will be doing a review on the Black Radiance True Complexion BB Cream.


I purchased the BB Cream in the color 8920 Brown Sugar (I want some of your brown suga -Dangelo) LOL

The website states

True Complexion™ BB Cream SPF 15
NEW True Complexion™ BB Cream, our first multi-purpose skin perfector, evens and refines darker complexions with 10 skin care benefits for natural looking radiance. Exclusively formulated to enhance ethnic skin tones, the lightweight, oil-free beauty balm moisturizes, conceals, primes, smoothes, and minimizes shine with blendable, sheer color and lasting SPF 15 protection.
On to my review
Pros:The coverage is great! It evens out my complexion and covers like a full coverage foundation. A little also goes a long way. I apply small dabs of the bb cream on different areas of my face and use my ELF flat head powder brush (i know it states powder brush but I love it for applying my foundation) to blend it out. The finish is FLAWLESS!!!
Cons: I have found that I need to use a primer with this product because my skin is super oily and if I do not use one I look like a grease monkey by the end of the day. Also when I squeeze the cream out of the tube a clear liquid comes out of the tube. I’m not sure why the cream seems to separate a bit right out of the tube. Maybe I need to shake it before I open to apply it.
On to the Photos
TrueCbb ash1
Why do I look like I’m taking a mugshot lol?
I had to apply a little lipstick and I have on the LA Girl Pro Concealer under my eyes as a highlight
using the frontal camera on my cell phone
Overall I love the the BB cream and would purchase it again ❤
*this is not a sponsored post I purchased this on my own

Girl Crush : Lilly Ghalichi

I’m a true believer in giving my fellow sister her props! I’m never one to hate on another woman for what she has or what she has accomplished because we all have the same 24 hours in a day! I feel as women no matter the nationality  we are all sisters and should never envy each other! We should uplift and be each others support system. So to honor that sisterhood I’m creating a weekly post called Girl Crush! I want to highlight women who are movers and shakers! Those who chase their dreams and does not take no for an answer.

Batter up is the Persian Barbie Lilly Ghalichi


I mean after a photo like that what more can I say?!

Well for starters she’s a Lawyer, designer, reality tv start, beauty entrepreneur, and need I say drop dead gorgeous GLAMAZON from Houston TX! The queen of #GhalichiGlam is taking the world by storm with her Lilly Hair clip in extension, Lilly Lashes eye lashes, her affordable fashion online boutique Want My look, and she also has a Jewelry line Lilly Ghalichi by Avitan. I mean the girl has it going on!


I first got wind of her on Bravo TV’s reality series Shah’s of Sunset. Her big over the top hair had me at the door honey! Although I did not watch the show that much she stood out to me the most. And I must say with her being the same age as me (31) her accomplishments are certainly inspiring me to take my passion and career goals to the next level for sure.

Do you have a Girl Crush who is doing big things and inspiring you?

for more of the Persian Barbie visit her website
or you can find her gracing us with beautiful selfies on instagram @lillyghalichi



*photo credit: & photography by Mark Sacro