Scholastic Dreams

Hi Dolls,

So I’ve been wanting to go back to school for some time now. I have been saying I want to go but find every excuse as to why a certain time is not a good time…. Until now! I know its the Holiday season and the fall semester just ended but I’ve made some calls and requested some information and the spring semester is looking pretty bright for my scholastic future!

Back in 2001 when I graduated from high school…(yeah it was a while ago!) I applied and got accepted to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising aka FIDM fidm Did I go you ask? Umm no! Silly me I know!  I ended up going to another school and didn’t even finish. Which brings me to now! I’m so ready to reapply and give this all that I got! I’m older now and much more focused and I so want to live my dream! So stay tune for the future Ms. Coco Curvy the college student! books Love Coco