Live your dream now: A tribute to Vince Camuto

Live your dream now

I just got wind of the passing of Fashion Giant Vince Camuto. While browsing my daily read feeds I came across a beautiful tribute on Out Of The Box Fashion blog showing all of the fabulous shoes he has designed.  He has contributed so much to the fashion industry from owning his own line Vince Camuto co founding Nine West to owning the master licenses to Jessica Simpson brand. He also partnered with Tory Burch on her footwear line. To say he was a smart business man is an understatement.

photo credit:

photo credit:

May Mr. Camuto rest peacefully



Glam on a Budget: Statement Necklaces

Have you guy’s been to the accessory section of WalMart lately? They have some very cute VERY affordable statement necklaces. I love statement jewelry because the right piece can take an outfit from basic to glam!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces

wm8 wm1 wm2 wm3 wm4 wm5 wm6 wm7

The price range for these pieces is between $4.50 – $10.00 which makes my frugal side jump for joy! I will be heading over to Walmart to pick me up a few!



CoCo’s Wishlist: Handbags

I’m in great need of a new bag! The one I’ve been carrying has had it and is ready for retirement! I’m in search of something practical for everyday use with good structure and major STYLE. I am a total tote and satchel bag kind of woman.

While online window shopping I came across these beautiful bags from Aldo

aldo3 aldo1 aldo2

I clicked my way over to the Handbag section of the  JustFab website and lusted for a few bags as well! I have yet to purchase anything from the site but I’m seriously considering it after seeing these.

jf3 JF1 JF2

I was in handbag heaven!

Am I the only one with a handbag wish list?



My Little Obsessions

Back in my younger day which wasn’t that long ago mind you! (I’m in my EARLY 30’s) I use to love huge earrings. I mean the bigger the better. But as time goes on and I get a little better with time like wine I have been finding myself loving stud earrings. I still love my big around the way girl door knockers but I have learned that a little really does go a long way!





There is something so classy & chic about a stud earring

I’m a frugal fashionista so I don’t like to spend too much on them! You can find a great pair from your local beauty supply and .99 cent accessory shops to store like Forever 21, H&M, and even Wal-Mart has some great finds!

Girl Crush : Lilly Ghalichi

I’m a true believer in giving my fellow sister her props! I’m never one to hate on another woman for what she has or what she has accomplished because we all have the same 24 hours in a day! I feel as women no matter the nationality  we are all sisters and should never envy each other! We should uplift and be each others support system. So to honor that sisterhood I’m creating a weekly post called Girl Crush! I want to highlight women who are movers and shakers! Those who chase their dreams and does not take no for an answer.

Batter up is the Persian Barbie Lilly Ghalichi


I mean after a photo like that what more can I say?!

Well for starters she’s a Lawyer, designer, reality tv start, beauty entrepreneur, and need I say drop dead gorgeous GLAMAZON from Houston TX! The queen of #GhalichiGlam is taking the world by storm with her Lilly Hair clip in extension, Lilly Lashes eye lashes, her affordable fashion online boutique Want My look, and she also has a Jewelry line Lilly Ghalichi by Avitan. I mean the girl has it going on!


I first got wind of her on Bravo TV’s reality series Shah’s of Sunset. Her big over the top hair had me at the door honey! Although I did not watch the show that much she stood out to me the most. And I must say with her being the same age as me (31) her accomplishments are certainly inspiring me to take my passion and career goals to the next level for sure.

Do you have a Girl Crush who is doing big things and inspiring you?

for more of the Persian Barbie visit her website
or you can find her gracing us with beautiful selfies on instagram @lillyghalichi



*photo credit: & photography by Mark Sacro

Paying Homage

Recently I’ve been trying to come up with office/beauty room ideas. I want to go with an old Hollywood glamor theme. I love the fashion and femininity of the 1950’s! Look at the cover of  this issue of Vogue super glam and very lady like!

vogue cover

While researching ideas via Pinterest and YouTube  I always come across photographs of the same starlets: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey H

Marilyn Monroe (whom i love BTW)

Marilyn M

and Liz Taylor

elizabeth t(another favorite)

They all were very beautiful and very talented women of their time don’t get me wrong.  However, I wonder why we hardly ever spotlight and display African American women of Old Hollywood? We were Glamorous, Feminine, and Lady Like!  We had Style and Grace

check out this Ebony cover from 1958

Ebony Cover

I want to celebrate the women of color who paved the way like

Eartha Kitt

look at Eartha work

look at Eartha work.

Lena Horne

lena horne

and we can not leave out

Dorothy Dandridge

DorthyD Dorothy d

The first Black woman to grace the cover of Life Magazine! #Epic

They’ve made major contributions to Black Hollywood so these are the women I choose to grace the walls of my beauty room! Although I enjoyed Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and The Last Time I Saw Paris. We should always give credit to the women who broke the boundaries for Black Women in Hollywood!