A Long Time Coming!

That's Me

That’s Me

I’ve been blog stalking for a while now! And now I’m officially becoming a blogger…. Yay me! This is my way of expression. My thoughts, my joys, my loves, my pains, and maybe a few dislikes. I am here to share! Are you ready? Ready or not here I COME!

I’ve always been the girly girl! I can remember playing on my mothers vanity when I was little get into her make up and jewelry! When I graduated from high school I went to school to pursue a career in fashion merchandising… Oh yeah! I was  either going to be a buyer for a major department store or I was going to put on the most fab fashion shows and events on the west coast. Well life happened and my dreams took a back seat for the past 11 years, until now! I’ve decided to get back to my first love… Sharing the ART OF FASHION…. 

Along with a few other loves I have picked up over the years. Simply put this blog is an extension of me. My little space on this World Wide Web and I hope you enjoy!

Love Coco

My current addictionsshoes and accessories

My current addictions
shoes and accessories