All Hail The Queen Bee

I’ve been a major fan of Lil Kim since she came out with her first single No Time. I know her music is super sexually explicit but she has always been one of my favorite female MC’s. So imagine how excited I was when she entered during the Bad Boy reunion during BET Awards 2015!

lil kim

I was too HYPE!!! She absolutely slayed that performance! When she came in through the trap door in the floor of the stage in her signature squat and hopped up and said “Wanna rumble with the Bee huh” I felt chills go through me! She was dressed in all black like the omen just as the lyric to the song said! With Honey blonde hair that slayed!!!

lil kim2

lil kim3

 I went back down memory lane with all of the Bad Boy Alum 112, Faith Evans, Mase, The Lox, and you know Diddy himself!  It took me back to my high school days (ugh that tells my age) lol!

did you guys watch the BET Awards 2015? What was your favorite performance?


Get Em Bey


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Okay y’all lets talk!

I must admit I am not one to follow the crowd! I don’t jump on bandwagons that’s not my style. (did I just bust out with a rhyme lol) If I like something or someone trust me when I say there is something about that particular thing that caught my eye or ear!

So when Beyonce released her album this past weekend I wasn’t apart of the “Beyhive” of social media singing glory to the Queen! I wasn’t even in a rush to hear any of the tracks to be honest. I’m going to be honest with you all… I haven’t been a fan since her first album…. I know I know “how dare I not like Ms. Bey!”  To me her sound became a little to “pop” for my taste… Please don’t kill me Beyonce die hards! She is a great performer don’t get me wrong she can entertain her butt off and her body sends me to the gym in tears honey!

But I got the chance to hear the album and I must admit I really do like it! She sang me through my mile run and bleacher climb this weekend while I was working out! My favorite tracks are No Angel, Flawless, Haunted (because it reminds me of old Madonna and lord knows I love me some Madonna we’ll talk more about her in another post), Mine feat. Drake, and Drunk in Love feat. Jay-Z. Hell I like the whole darn thing!


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She is a lot more sexually explicit in this album but I can’t say that’s a bad thing! I like it when a woman can express her sexual side (hints my love for Madonna). She even gets a little sentimental with her song with baby Blue titled Blue!

I have to say she did her thing! She got me twerking (alone in my home with the lights off… Don’t judge me)

Get em Bey!

Good Girl Gone Bad

While I was on Bloglovin stalking some of my favorite bloggers I came across a blog post on blog about Ms. Bad Gal RiRi and it inspired me to do my own post about our modern day rebel! Rihanna gets a lot of hate but I love this chick! She is not afraid to show who she is and why she is.

When she first came out yeah she had the whole clean girl image but as life happens (as many of us know it does) people and situations may have caused her to throw caution to the wind and say F it I’m going to do me! I can’t say that I’m mad at it! She say’s some of the things people think to say but don’t have the guts to say! Her Style is edgy with some sex appeal to it and she rocks it well! No matter if she rocks the pixie hair cut or the buzzed  side cut she is setting trends when it comes to hair styles. She even made the the oval shaped nails hot again. Can you say Stiletto Nails! Regardless if agree with her personal choices in life or not the girl has Style, she sets Trends, and she has a Navy full of Diamonds rocking to her music and Shinning Bright!

Rihanna Iconic GQ Cover

Rihanna Iconic GQ Cover

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