Beautiful Fridays

Sorry guys its been a while since my last post. I’ve been in a personal fog to tell  you the truth. But I’m hopeful that it wont last too long especially since the Spring season is approaching. I wanted to share with you a few spring beauty items I recently purchased and somethings were gifts to me as well. I look forward to adding some color into my life (in more ways than one!)





I’m a total lippie girl! I love anything that will make my lips pop!


Blue Tips and Glitter Fix

Its been a while since I’ve given my nails a little TLC! So This past weekend I decided to break out my bucket of nail polishes and show my finger tips some love.

In the spirit of the winter season I chose to go with a cool color palette on my nails. I used Pure Ice in the Color Kiss Me There as my base color. I’ve been loving this color and it was only $1.98 at Wal-Mart! I added a touch of sparkle with NYC’s Starry Silver Glitter purchased from Wal-Mart as well for the lovely price of $.98. And last but not least for my blue tips I used Nail Art by Diamond Cosmetics in the color Dark Blue. The nail art was purchased from the Dollar Tree for you guessed it $1.00!  I’m a sucker for a deal!

Nail Candy

Nail Candy

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