Get Em Bey


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Okay y’all lets talk!

I must admit I am not one to follow the crowd! I don’t jump on bandwagons that’s not my style. (did I just bust out with a rhyme lol) If I like something or someone trust me when I say there is something about that particular thing that caught my eye or ear!

So when Beyonce released her album this past weekend I wasn’t apart of the “Beyhive” of social media singing glory to the Queen! I wasn’t even in a rush to hear any of the tracks to be honest. I’m going to be honest with you all… I haven’t been a fan since her first album…. I know I know “how dare I not like Ms. Bey!”  To me her sound became a little to “pop” for my taste… Please don’t kill me Beyonce die hards! She is a great performer don’t get me wrong she can entertain her butt off and her body sends me to the gym in tears honey!

But I got the chance to hear the album and I must admit I really do like it! She sang me through my mile run and bleacher climb this weekend while I was working out! My favorite tracks are No Angel, Flawless, Haunted (because it reminds me of old Madonna and lord knows I love me some Madonna we’ll talk more about her in another post), Mine feat. Drake, and Drunk in Love feat. Jay-Z. Hell I like the whole darn thing!


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She is a lot more sexually explicit in this album but I can’t say that’s a bad thing! I like it when a woman can express her sexual side (hints my love for Madonna). She even gets a little sentimental with her song with baby Blue titled Blue!

I have to say she did her thing! She got me twerking (alone in my home with the lights off… Don’t judge me)

Get em Bey!