Girl Crush : Lilly Ghalichi

I’m a true believer in giving my fellow sister her props! I’m never one to hate on another woman for what she has or what she has accomplished because we all have the same 24 hours in a day! I feel as women no matter the nationality¬† we are all sisters and should never envy each other! We should uplift and be each others support system. So to honor that sisterhood I’m creating a weekly post called Girl Crush! I want to highlight women who are movers and shakers! Those who chase their dreams and does not take no for an answer.

Batter up is the Persian Barbie Lilly Ghalichi


I mean after a photo like that what more can I say?!

Well for starters she’s a Lawyer, designer, reality tv start, beauty entrepreneur, and need I say drop dead gorgeous GLAMAZON from Houston TX! The queen of #GhalichiGlam is taking the world by storm with her Lilly Hair clip in extension, Lilly Lashes eye lashes, her affordable fashion online boutique Want My look, and she also has a Jewelry line Lilly Ghalichi by Avitan. I mean the girl has it going on!


I first got wind of her on Bravo TV’s reality series Shah’s of Sunset. Her big over the top hair had me at the door honey! Although I did not watch the show that much she stood out to me the most. And I must say with her being the same age as me (31) her accomplishments are certainly inspiring me to take my passion and career goals to the next level for sure.

Do you have a Girl Crush who is doing big things and inspiring you?

for more of the Persian Barbie visit her website
or you can find her gracing us with beautiful selfies on instagram @lillyghalichi



*photo credit: & photography by Mark Sacro