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As you guys already know I am a Youtube JUNKIE! So when it comes to my at home workout routine you already know I have a workout playlist filled with my favorite fitness gurus on the YT! There is one chanel  in particular that I absolutely love and that is Super Hero Fitness TV with Keaira LaShae.

Super Hero Fitness TV

Keaira LaShaes workouts are Everything! She mixes dances like twerking and exercises like lunges so wonderfully you can’t hardly tell that you are really putting in some serious work. Keaira’s videos range from a one mile walk which is low impact to more intense exercises like a dance squat work out that will have your legs burning! She also has tips for healthy eatting and weightloss.

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I’m always satisfied when I tune into her chanel. I try to do two of her videos a day to at least get in a good 40 minutes of exercise in.

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 Do you have a youtube fitness guru you enjoy working out with?

Check out Keaira LaShae at  and also on Superhero Fitness TV